From Rose

“Get rid of serial killers, the Bermuda triangle, cancer, and every disease that’s ever existed.” 

-Rose, age 10

Rose wants to be an animal rescuer 


From Dalton

“Keep the world clean so it can live longer.” 

-Dalton, age 10

Dalton wants to be a librarian 

From Nathan

“It doesn’t matter if you’re from a different country or anything else. Don’t let it stop you from being who you are.” 

-Nathan, age 11

Nathan wants to do something related to soccer 

From Jhanna

“Lower taxes on everything because people c an have a lot more money to use on other things like food.” 

-Jhanna, age 11

Jhanna wants to be a doctor 

From Dalton

“Never give up on yourself. Believe you can do anything, and never give up.” 

-Dalton, age 10

Dalton wants to be a movie director

From Jacob

“Make peace not war.”

-Jacob, age 10

Jacob wants to be a marine biologist 

From Caroline

“I would tell the world to never give up on their dreams. Don’t let anything or one change your mind.” 

-Caroline, age 10

Caroline wants to work at a hospital or be a paramedic 

From Emma

“The people in our world should plant more trees. It would be nice and that would make our world better.”

-Emma, age 10

Emma wants to be a professional dancer

From Colin

“Do not listen to really bad music.” 

-Colin, age 11

Colin wants to be a construction worker 

From Jack

“Do not litter, because that could change the world from fifteen to two hundred years from now. If you could do this one thing it could change the face of the Universe.”

-Jack, age 10

Jack wants to be an NFL player 

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